Quick payday loan

Of course, the advantage of using a company that borrows via the internet is the speed of action. The application is completed within a few minutes. We only have to wait 15 minutes for the decision to consider and find out whether we have received a positive decision. Payments to the account are also made quickly. The money can be obtained in a few minutes. So, in any case, is it worth reaching for the financing of your current expenses online? The answer is obvious, because debt is not always the best way out. However, if we have already made a decision about using payday loans online, it is worth taking a wise decision. Undoubtedly, it will be to check the offer of the cheapest installment payday loan, or to take advantage of free payday payday loans for short-term payday loans. On our site, you can apply for an installment payday loan as well as an instant payday. Just go to the main page and fill out a short form.

Fast non-bank loan

What are the average costs of payday loans over the Internet?

How much does it cost borrowers to finance through non-bank companies? Only a few years ago, a payday loan of this type could only be sought through ads on poles and bus stops. In this way, it was easy to find a dishonest company that can take advantage of customer haste and give payday loans for too high a percentage. After a year or two, the company changed its name and the game started again. It was difficult to defend against it because it was difficult to check the opinion of such a lender. The costs of the payday loan and the contract could only be checked at the company’s outlet, or from the representative who was arriving home. Because most people did not know the cost of payday loans from other non-banking companies, the companies eagerly increased interest rates. payday loans for a long period often exceeded the amount they borrowed several times. Fortunately, this time has gone to a lapse a few years ago, with the spread of payday loans over the Internet.

A quick non-bank payday loan is no longer the way it was a few years ago. In the case of applying for a break for a non-banking company, for every PLN 1000 borrowed for 30 days, the customer will pay an average of PLN 200. Apart from the first free payday loan, of course. In the case of non-bank payday loans granted in installments, the total amount to be repaid from borrowed PLN 5,000 for 12 months is an average of PLN 7,200. Admittedly, there are still parabanks for interest rates similar to non-bargain payday loans, but this is information that the industry is going in the right direction. One should also take into account the fact that in non-bank companies much more customers do not pay back any money. payday loan companies reflect these losses with increased interest rates for other clients.

Who are the clients who are looking for quick non-bank payday loans?

Who are the people who are looking for quick payday loans online? Contrary to popular beliefs on this subject, clients of non-competitive businesses are not usually low income people. It happens that even those earning above average pay for a payday loan online. These people praise quick-decision payday loans in offers of non-funded payday loans, and immediate cash withdrawal. Unlike banks, no formalities are required in 90% of cases. All you need is your ID card, internet access, and a bank account. A quick decision will be made in 15 minutes and the money will be on your account in a moment. In addition to customers who value time, a very popular group of people who are looking for non-bank payday loans are young people with children. As you know, the costs of maintaining an infant are much higher than an older child. The last most popular group are students and young people. In this section, there are people who have just come out “on their own” and are struggling with the first problems of adult life. They often borrow for parties, fashionable clothes and popular gadgets.

Where to apply for a quick payday loan?

Companies that boast about lending to people with poor creditworthiness are many, but a large number of them require additional certification, and verify in the BIK, BIG, KRD and ERiF databases. There is nothing wrong with this if the customer has a positive credit history. However, if the potential borrower has a negative entry in the Credit Information Bureau database, a company that does not verify in the debtors’ databases is often a better choice. In case you are in this situation, we encourage you to submit an application on our website. We provide payday loans to persons also with entries to BIK and KRD .

Regarding the certificates, some companies require them from clients in the form of a 3-month bank account statement, a certificate from the employer or a statement about earnings. If you submit an application on our website, we do not require anything similar from your clients. To obtain a positive decision, only an ID card is enough. The last thing the clients ask for is the length of payday loan application and the rate of payment. In this case, the entire process takes no more than 15 minutes.

What if there is a delay in repayment?

In a situation where you know that you will not be able to repay your cash on time, it is best to call the hotline as soon as possible and present your situation. Thanks to this, the lender will know what he is standing for and may make the repayment option available to you in longer installments. If you do not do so, the lender will be able to charge additional fees for so-called “checks” and statutory interest related to the payday loan. In addition, within 60 days he has the option of entering the customer into the debtors’ databases and transferring the case to the debt collection agency. The last thing the lender goes to is to take the case to court, where the bailiff is usually assigned to the client. It is better to avoid such a situation at any price, and to inform the lender about your financial situation.